Body Maps

Welcome to my “Body Maps” page. This page shows a series of body maps listed from the very first one I had done in 2007 to the most recent. Each map shows my body’s status and response to phosphate deposits located throughout my body. The changes in these maps are evidence of how my fibromyalgia is reversing. For a clear understanding of what these maps mean, please read my story below:

These Maps are:

  1. What a specially trained massage therapist felt on me (not what I felt)
  2. A way to monitor the changes in my lumps and bumps
  3. The criteria used by my doctor’s original fibromyalgia diagnosis (map #1)
  4. Objective evidence of the reversal process (vs. subjective)
  5. Records of my fibromyalgia reversal process
  6. Often confused with other methods to diagnose various conditions

What these maps are not:

  1. What we, the patients, feel
  2. Trigger points used to diagnose other problems
  3. Rocket science needing textbooks of explanation
  4. Based on pre-determined locations
  5. Subjective-based only on what the examiner feels
  6. Dated purposely because each of us will be different

Map #1

This body map was my initial map done back in February 2007. My doctor simply felt, then recorded the existence of these bumps on my thighs. This became my fibromyalgia diagnosis. In an adult, this is where bumps can be expected. If your doctors time is limited, this is the one place you want to be sure to have recorded.

ust before this initial mapping, my health was definitely deteriorating. I can remember a frustrating outburst to my husband as I backhandedly punched my thighs exclaiming “My Muscles Just Won’t Let Go”. They would not, could not relax. I began treatment the night of this mapping.

Map #2

Later, I had my first full body mapping done. I was caught off guard seeing the extent of the involvement of my fibromyalgia. I didn’t realize how it would affect me as I saw it visually on paper. After looking at the map, I found myself saying, “THE ENEMY HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED” I knew what I had to do. Not give up. Keep pushing forward. The difficult times were and will continue to be worth it.

I began to realize that I wanted to share my experiences, my successes and my increased hope. God was whispering in my ear. I could NOT stop thinking about sharing this with others.

Note this map’s lumps and bumps near my head, neck and shoulder blades. For some time, I’d had a very challenging spastic muscle between my shoulder blades. It would go into spasms regularly. My chiropractor and I often talked often about how hard it was to manage. Ths map shows the muscle involvement.

Later between the second and third maps, I had a day that this spastic muscle “let go”. I knew it, I felt it. I then went into my chiropractor announcing that the spasm was gone. I recognized that he was skeptical and not yet on board with these concepts, so I asked him to be the judge, over time.

Map #3

One of the biggest changes on this map is how the bumps on my rib cage were clearing along with the pain surrounding them.

Note, this will be the ONLY time I give permission to observe my “tushe” or bottom side, but notice how it had cleared. This was exciting because it had hurt to lean against anything….painful to the touch. It doesn’t hurt like that anymore! That pain is gone. Small victories are wonderful! :)

After about 2 months, the muscle spasm between my shoulder blades that I pointed out in Map #2, had indeed not come back! And my chiropractor agreed that it was gone!

Notice how there is only the outline of bumps rather than filled-in darkened areas. This shows the bumps density breaking up. They are still present, less dense, just not gone…YET!!

Map #4

Observe the lump near my left elbow. I asked my chiropractor to feel it and note the size. I knew it was shrinking, but I want him to monitor. Previously, I’d shown it to various doctors over two decades and was told it was common and to let them know if it got bigger. (It had, but so gradually I didn’t detect it)

During this period I had a noticeable decrease in “fibrofog”. YEAA! :) I was thinking SO much clearer!

I also enjoyed a partial, but obvious release in the tightness of my ankles and feet, and calves. There was a sense that “life” had come back in these areas.

Map #5

Note the circle of a bump near my spine and left shoulder blade. My massage therapist who was doing the mapping, said it was like a “puff ball”, still there, just so, so soft. I expect to see it gone when I’m again remapped!

FYI- This time of change in my upper back area was difficult and very painful. I had a lot to work through. There are a lot of things that I CAN & MUST do on my own. My chiropractor also noted a significantly different pattern in my back.

Shortly after this time, I remember having a day in which my back was without any pain and felt what I imagined to be normal. :)

I asked my chiropractor to again to feel the “test” bump on my elbow. He actually had trouble finding it at first. I explained that the bump going away, was in fact, because of what I was doing, not him. I needed the chiropractic care, but the bumps going away became the evidence of my health returning. I showed him my before and after maps and he was then offically on the same page with me and my maps. :)